Placement student shares experiences from her time spent at Crimestoppers.

Monika Durova VolunteerMonika Durova is in her final year of a degree in Criminology and Criminal Psychology. As part of her final year, she successfully secured a work placement at Crimestoppers.

Find out about her experiences and what she felt she gained during her time spent at Crimestoppers.

As part of my final year at the University of Greenwich on the BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology course, I successfully secured a place on a university accredited placement at Crimestoppers. My expectations from the placement were mainly to get involved in crime control activities such as working on the Most Wanted project. However, throughout the course of my placement I worked within different departments and teams such as Digital, Research, Media, and the Call Bureau, where the people who deal with the incoming calls work.

I was most involved in the Fearless team, the youth brand of Crimestoppers. Being engaged with the youth team made me realise that sometimes, in particular when working with young people, prevention and early intervention are much more important than controlling existing crime.

Specifically, I have learned about raising awareness techniques and their positive effect on educating young people (and youth professionals who interact directly with young people) about the impact of wrongdoing. I also attended one of Fearless’s training sessions, where the main focus of the training was changing young people’s perspective on sharing information about crime and making them aware of the existing ways of reporting information safely (i.e. through the anonymous online form, as well as the free phone line at 0800 555 111).

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent with Crimestoppers and I found it highly beneficial – invaluable, in fact. Being engaged in this organisation has helped me develop a better understanding of the importance of crime-fighting and prevention charity organisations within the criminal justice system. It has also enhanced my knowledge about Crimestoppers and the people there provide. The range of activities I was involved in (i.e. data entry and analysis; creating reports based on data analysis; designing social media posters; and working with different type of online software such as WordPress, Canva Design, Basecamp, among others) have all helped me develop new professional skills which I believe will enhance my employability in future. In addition, I have also improved my interpersonal skills by becoming a better team player and improving my confidence.

I would like to express a special thank you to the Fearless team, which is the team I was most involved in, and I would also like to say a big thank you to everybody I have worked with, for always being there to help and making crime-fighting fun and enjoyable.