This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week. Coordinated by 17-24-30 and Stop Hate UK, the purpose is to raise awareness of the issue and encourage the public to speak out.


What is Hate Crime?

Incidents of Hate Crime can be motivated by race, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

Victims can be subjected to physical assaults or suffer damage to their property. They may also experience the threat of an attack or verbal abuse.

National statistics from the Home Office have revealed that there were 44,480 incidents of hate crime recorded by the police in 2013/14 – an increase of five per cent on the previous year.

Here at Crimestoppers, we’re completely behind the idea of higlighting and eliminating Hate Crime, so we’ve invited three guests to write about hate crime over the next week, and what they have done to help raise awareness and stamp it out.

  • Steve Rose, from Faith Matters, which works to reduce extremism & tensions between faith communities, will write about how they’re supporting Muslims who are targeted because of their faith.
  • Read the account of Anne Novis MBE, who has collated and presented evidence for the United Nations, on the abuse of disabled people.
  • Jack Gilbert, CEO of Rainbow Hamlets, which works in the area of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans life in Tower Hamlets, will be giving us his take on Hate Crime within that area.

We’ll be promoting each blog post via our social media channels, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed – @crimestoppersUK – and Facebook page: