The wind in your face, the roar of the crowd, your charity’s running vest on your back, the pouring rain soaking through your trainers – OK, hopefully not the last one! – there’s nothing like running the Virgin Money London Marathon. This year over 40 people are giving their time and energy to us – thank you! If you are running the London Marathon for us or you are an own place runner thinking of running for us (or even if you are running for another charity), here’s our Giving Tuesday top 10 fundraising tips:

Start fundraising early and you'll be flying!

Start fundraising early and you’ll be flying!

  1. It’s never too soon to start fundraising: If you get the majority of your fundraising early then you can spend the final few weeks before the Marathon entirely on training. According to Virgin Money, those who set-up a fundraising page as soon as they receive their Virgin Money London Marathon place on average raise up to £700 more than those who only start to fundraise in the two-month period before the race in April.[1]
  2. Have a fundraising plan: Crimestoppers runners are asked to fundraise £1600 for the charity – on top of training well for a marathon this can seem like a daunting challenge. If you break the total into smaller amounts and work out the best way to fundraise those amounts (donations from friends; events; car boot) then you’ll be there in no time!
  3. Make the most of your fundraising page: Upload a funny or thought provoking profile picture, update the wording to reflect where you are at on your marathon ‘journey’. Your friends and family will want to see your progress!
  4. Aim to make the first donation on your fundraising page a higher amount: Others will tend to follow suit.
  5. Hold an event: This could be something big like a themed party/quiz night/comedy night or on a smaller scale.
  6. Get family and friends to help with your fundraising: Think about where their skills lie.
  7. Get baking! Cake sales are always popular: you could upscale to Krispy Kreme ‘Raise Some Dough’
  8. Let ‘work’ do the work for you: Check if your employer will support your fundraising – see if they have a matched fundraising scheme.
  9. The final push: Remember to do a final fundraising push closer to the race and immediately afterwards.
  10. Time to run! Why not run a sweepstake on your finishing time, and don’t forget to post a post-race picture of you with your medal.

Got your own London Marathon place? Why not fundraise for Crimestoppers? Your money will go towards supporting our work across the UK.  Apply now.