Joshua Saggers, 27, is an insurance broker from Colchester. He says keeping communities safe from crime is important to him and that’s why he’s running for us. Find out about his unusual deep-water training regime.

Training for the London Marathon

The longest I’ve run so far is 18 miles and I’m trying to keep my fitness levels up. Part of my regime includes deep-water running with a buoyancy aid around my waist for 40 minutes every other day. I also go to spin classes twice a week.

Joshua Saggers running the London Marathon for Crimestoppers

Joshua is excited about race day

As well as training, I’m trying to get the right balance with my diet. I try to avoid alcohol, which is very difficult, but I always need my chocolate fix.

My advice to anyone who’s training for a marathon would be to make sure you have plenty of rest days. I actually picked up an injury and I think it was due to over training.

What’s going to get me over the finish line?

I can’t wait for race day and I’m hoping to feel fit, fresh and injury free.

My motivation on the day will be to get the best time. My goal is to do it faster than anyone I know who is running. I want to show myself, family and friends how far I can push myself physically and mentally.

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