Kayal Velaigam

Kayal in her Crimestoppers running vest

Every year around 40 people run the Virgin Money London Marathon for Crimestoppers. Dedicating much of the winter to training, our runners make huge sacrifices to prepare themselves for the big day. We spoke to first-time London Marathon runner Kayal Velaigam to understand why she chose to run for Crimestoppers, and her feelings around the race itself.

Q. Have you taken part in many races before?

Yes, I’ve run a few – mostly recently I completed the Vitality North London Half Marathon on 12 March. I dance regularly, which helps to keep me healthy and in good shape.

Q. How do you feel about the challenge?

I have mixed feelings at the moment about the big day, ranging from huge excitement to full blown nerves. I think it’ll be incredible to be part of the world’s largest fundraising challenge and to be able to raise funds for such a great cause.

Q. Why did you decide to run the Marathon for Crimestoppers?

I have chosen to support Crimestoppers because we shouldn’t have to live our lives in fear and Crimestoppers is great at giving people who have information on crime a safe way to report what they know. Having witnessed the consequences of crime first-hand, it’s a privilege to support Crimestoppers in their work helping to make our communities safer.

Q. How would you inspire others to get involved? 

It’s all about getting the courage to do something. I couldn’t run long distances before so I’m proof that, with sacrifice and patience, you can do anything you set your mind to. Running for Crimestoppers makes that experience even more valuable.

Q. Have you got a target finish time for the Marathon?

No target – I’m just aiming to complete the race!

For coverage of Crimestoppers at the London Marathon, and to see photos of all our runners in action, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages on the day of the Marathon, Sunday 23rd April.