Educate & Empower
Here at Crimestoppers we have a dedicated youth service tasked with empowering a generation with the choice to speak out about crime.

Launched back in 2010, has been designed and developed to educate 11-16’s around the choices and consequences of becoming involved or associated with crime, criminality and criminals. Our website, educational tools and resources are all designed to make young people take the time to stop and think.

From vandalism and graffiti to gangs, guns and knives, the range of crime types that we cover is designed to reflect just some of the issues faced by UK teenagers today.  Please don’t misinterpret the realistic imagery on our materials as an attempt to criminalise this generation – that is certainly not what we are about. We use this artwork because that’s what young people told us to do!

Why we do this.

Research and statistics tell us that young people are more likely to be the victims of crime compared to the minority of those from this age group responsible for it. For us this is important to recognise and understand particularly as many young people are often not sure who they can turn to when they have been a victim or know those responsible for criminality. We cannot assume that the reasons for this are the same for each and every young person who opts to stay silent. One thing that crops its ugly head up each time we explore this issue though is the fear of being labelled a ‘snitch’ which distressingly for some is matter of life and death.

Young people are an active part of each and every community within the UK. Here at Crimestoppers we will continue to promote as a safe and secure channel to pass on information about crime 100% anonymously to each and every young person that needs to know about us. With 2014 marking the move into our 4th year we will work hard to gain momentum, recognition and support as we realise the key to a future safer society for all can only be achieved through the education and empowerment of young people.

If a young person has information about crime and they are unsure who to talk to they can tell us 100% anonymously.  Fearless is available 24/7, 365 days a year and will never ask for personal details.  It is important to know that Fearless is not an emergency service or cannot respond to emergency situations.


Call us anonymously if know any information about a crime that has happened or is being planned.

Anonymous means you don’t have to give your name, where you live or any personal details.

  • Calls aren’t recorded or traced.
  • We can’t track where online forms are from. 
  • You won’t have to give a statement.
  • You don’t have to go to court. 

Just tell us what you know, not who you are.


You can give us information about crime in 2 ways.

We’ll pass it to the police and so that you can remain anonymous meaning you don’t have to give your name, a statement or go to court.

1. Use our secure online form

If you use our secure online form, put as much information as you can because we can’t ask you for any more. We can’t trace your computer or IP address. If you’re worried someone else will find out delete the page from your history.


2. Call 0800 555 111

When you call us, someone will tell you you’re through to Crimestoppers. They won’t ask for your name, where you live, or any personal details. They’ll only ask for information about the crime you’re calling about.


Don’t worry we can’t trace your call and it won’t be recorded.