Over 2,000 people responded to our first Crime Matters survey. We used what you told us to help set our plans for the next five years. Now we’re asking for your opinions again…

We want individuals and communities to be safer from crime and the fear of crime. Everyone has a role to play in achieving this. Over the coming months we will ask for your opinions about crime through a series of short surveys.

Our survey last year revealed that on a national level people were most worried about sexual assault (anything from harassment to rape), with 57 per cent of respondents troubled by these crimes. Terrorism (54 per cent) and murder (51 per cent) were the next biggest concerns.

At a local level, the picture is quite different. Burglary topped the results chart of crimes that you are most concerned by in your community, with 67% of the vote. Theft (46 per cent) and robbery (41 per cent) were the next two most worried about.

What’s also concerning is that over half (51 per cent) of respondents had been a victim of crime – this is far too high.

Each Crime Matters survey will have a different theme and questions.

You may not feel you can respond to all of them, but it’s OK to respond to the one most relevant to you, or one you feel most passionately about. The more responses we get, the more we learn about what matters to you.

So, what crime matters to you?

Open the survey, or complete it below.

Thank you.