Crime Matters Survey shows Burglary is the number one issue facing the general public at a local level.
Since the 2014 Crime Matters Survey began in January, we have had over 1,700 people give us their thoughts, views and opinions and have helped us to identify the crimes and issues that really matter to the general public.

Over 68 per cent of those taking part felt that at a local level, burglary was the number one crime concern.  Theft, which came in second, received 45% of the votes, highlighting the major concern felt by many about burglary and the seriousness of this crime.  This is hardly surprising, in the United Kingdom alone, a burglary takes place every 40 seconds.1

Crime Matters was established to find out exactly these facts, it was launched as part of our Listen to the People, 25th Anniversary Campaign and that is exactly what we have done.  You have told us that burglary is your number one concern locally and your fourth biggest worry nationally.

Burglary Survey Image

As part of our commitment to providing advice and guidance on topics which matter to you, we have created a page on our main website which will give you some basic advice and guidance about burglary.  This forms part of our keeping safe section on our website which is designed to give you information on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. burglary

A new film showing how crime is processed through the criminal justice system has been launched on

The film demonstrates how a crime (in this case burglary) is processed through the criminal justice system from beginning to end. Viewers hear from a Police Constable, a Crime Scene Investigator and Detective Inspector all describing their role in the burglary investigation.

The film will hopefully go some of the way in providing a context to the data on the website. It also highlights the importance of witnesses to a case and lets the public know what they can expect under the Victims’ Code.

Burglary has been voted the number one crime in our survey so far and Crimestoppers have run a number of regional and national campaigns to try and raise awareness of the importance of reporting incidents to the proper authorities.

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Burglary was also one of the main crimes addressed in our 25th Anniversary Campaign with Burglarystoppers artwork being shown around the country on billboards, phone boxes, bus stops, over 1 Million bus tickets and even shown at the 2013 ‘V festival.

It’s not just Crimestoppers that have a wealth of advice and guidance either, the charity AgeUK have some great advice on home safety and security for the elderly and almost all police forces will have a page dedicated to giving you the best advice possible.  The Metropolitan Police have ‘Operation Bumblebee’ a great page that gives advice on burglary and even includes a ‘virtual’ house tour to instruct you on how to protect all rooms of your home.